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No worker wants to be injured on the job nor does any employer want to have an injury at the work place. However, it happens and when it does most cases are dealt with swiftly by the board and those people never will need me. The claims that do not settle become very complicated, long and both the worker and the employer need to be protected while responding effectively to the situation. In many cases, it is not a matter of who is right, but instead how the case is presented to the board. At Rybowski Legal we review your file in detail for all information; if information is missing we will do everything possible to provide the information to the file. Even though we are known as an employee representative we have found there is a great need for the Small Business Owner to have the same representation. After handling several claims I am happy to say our approach has is proven through a 98% success rate of getting employee the benefits they deserve. Whether you are an employee or small employer you need legal representation when dealing with the board.

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CPP Disability Appeals

If you have been wrongfully denied for Canada Pension Plan Disability, Rybowski Legal is on your side to ensure you receive the settlement you deserve. We will request a review of the decision for inaccuracies, while providing arguments and medical documentation to support your case.

If we are unsuccessful, we will work to appeal the decision with the Social Security Tribunal. Once a date has been scheduled for the hearing of your appeal, we will provide additional supporting documentation of your case for the tribunal’s consideration.

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ODSP Appeals

Rybowski Legal is committed to protecting your rights if you have you have been denied access to the Ontario Disability Support Program. If you are classified under the legal definition of disabled, it is important that you have access to the assistance you require. Rybowski Legal offers representation in ODSP Appeals by obtaining a review of the decision, providing additional documentation for your case.

If we are unable to offer enough supporting documentation to have the decision overturned, we will seek a hearing of your appeal with the Social Benefits Tribunal. By providing evidence to gain a status of legal disability, we will work to overturn your ODSP application.

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Commissioner of Taking Oaths

As a commissioner of oaths in the province of Ontario, Ronald Rybowski of Rybowski Legal is authorized to take your oath or to confirm the proper administration during the signing of an affidavit or statutory declaration.

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